SimTek Composite Fence

BuffTek Molded Fence (SimTek) is stronger than vinyl with a wide selection of colors to choose from with the look of stone or wood. BuffTech molded fence can withstand almost everything. Most paint applied to the walls can be easily removed with a citrus-based cleaner and high power pressure washer. Overall, this fence is virtually maintenance-free.

  • Unaffected by water, most common chemicals, salt spray and algae
  • Resistant to impact. Baseballs, golf balls, rocks and other such items bounce off
  • Performs well in hot and cold climates, bright sunlight and heavy moisture
  • Resistant to temperatures from -40 degrees to 140 degrees F
  • Resistant to contant winds of 110 MPH and 130 MPH gusts
  • UV stabilizers made it a fade resistant product
  • Graffiti resistant: Simply use a pressure washer and citric acid to wash it away
  • Blocks 98% of direct sound

Rio Grande Fence Co. of Nashville has been installing and repairing fences for commercial and industrial projects since 1958. Business owners, general contractors, government agencies and sports facilities throughout the Mid-South turn to us for perimeter security and peace of mind.

Serving The Mid-South

Our regional reach extends from Nashville to projects all over the Mid-South.

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