Temporary Fence Solutions & Fence Rental Services

Rio Grande Fence Co. provides temporary fencing solutions through either chain link fence with driven posts or temporary welded-wire panels. Our M-Series welded-wire panels' strength and stability is unmatched by standard chain link panels.

We secure our panel systems with with BigFoot stand weights. BigFoot's low profile and high visibility edges reduce tripping on construction sites and urban areas.

We also provide temporary fencing solutions for special events. Visit our soon-to-be-added Special Events page for more information.

Each temporary panel has been designed with a series of architectural "V" folds that reinforce and strengthen the welded wire fence system. The panels are fabricated in a pattern of vertical and horizontal wires that are welded at each intersection. The unique design of the M-Series panels provides strength and stability that is unmatched by a standard chain link panel.

  • 6 Gauge Steel Mesh with Reinforced "V" Folds
  • 6'H and 8'H In-Stock
  • Each panel is 7.5'W
  • 2" x 6" mesh opening
  • Flat Panel Stands

Like the welded wire panels, each gate has been designed with a series of architectural "V" folds that reinforce and strengthen the welded wire fence system. The 6 gauge steel mesh has a galvanized finish. Gate options include:

  • 4'W Heavy Duty Red Walk Gate
  • 15'W Double Swing Gate with Wheels
  • 6'H and 8'H in stock
  • Red powder coated finish

M-Series 42"H Crowd Control Panels from Rio Grande Fence Co. of Nashville can assist your business or construction site with crowd, barricade, or traffic control. The beauty of our M-Series crowd control panels is that they can perfectly integrate with our full line of M-Series fence panels, gates, and BigFoot panel stand weights. Turn to us for your next barricade panel need.

  • 42"H x 86"W
  • 6 Gauge Welded Wire Mesh
  • Secure 2" x 6" Mesh Opening
  • 1.5" Diameter Framework
  • Heavy-Duty Steel Construction: 36 lbs
  • Galvanized Finish
  • Flat Galvanized Steel Ground Stands
  • Made in North America

Temporary chain link fence with driven posts into the ground is used more frequently on construction sites where contractors want to minimize the risk of wind damage.

  • Made in America
  • Galvanized (GAW) finish
  • 11.5 Gauge Chain Link Mesh
  • 2-3/8" diameter mesh opening
  • 1-7/8" diameter, WT-15, galvanized steel line posts
  • 2-7/8" diameter, WT-40, galvanized steel terminal & gate posts
  • Aluminum Fence Ties secure the fabric to the posts
  • SINGLE SWING GATES: 5'W and 12'W, in-stock
  • DOUBLE SWING GATES: 10'W and 24'W, in-stock
  • CANTILEVER SLIDE GATES: 20'W, in-stock

Rio Grande Fence Co. of Nashville is the premier supplier of fence rental services in the Mid-South region. We are here to provide you with the best service in the industry. We have a number of optional accessories that can enhance the security of your fence rental service.

60 lb. Sandbags with UV-Rated Covers

60 lb. Sandbags with UV-Rated Covers

  • 60 lb. Sakrete Multi-Purpose Sandbags
  • 10,000 Hour, UV-Rated Covers to help prevent sand from leaking out of the bag
  • Most economical weight system on rental projects



RGF is the only fence contractor in Tennessee to supply the innovative and award-winning Oxford Plastics BigFoot Panel Stand Weight instead of messy and inefficient sandbags.

  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Recycled rubber with high visibility edges and low profile design reduces trip hazards
  • BigFoot 60 adds 60 lbs of pressure to each panel stand
  • BigFoot 120 adds 120 lbs of pressure to each panel stand
    • BF120 is required on projects that include fence screen
    • BF120 is also required on all "gate posts" to provide additional pressure
      • Even if a job is BF60 everywhere else, we provide a free upgrade to customers on the "gate posts"



  • 85% (Sight Blockage) Fence Screen
  • Black in stock
  • Fence Screen with Logos
  • Fence Screen in alternate screen colors can be special ordered to serve your project's needs

Click here to learn more.



  • M-Series Welded-Wire
    • Walk Gates
      • 4'W
      • 7.5'W
    • Drive Gates
      • 15'W
  • Driven Chain Link with 3" O.D. WT-40 Galvanized Posts
    • Walk Gates
      • 5'W
    • Drive Gates
      • 12'W
      • 24'W
    • Custom gates with locks, self-closing hinges, and panic exit hardware are available

Rio Grande Fence Co. of Tennessee exclusively serves businesses, contractors, government agencies, and sports facilities throughout Tennessee with commercial fence and perimeter security solutions. For permanent installations, service repairs, and temporary fence rentals, our team of professionals are prepared to serve with offices in Nashville and Knoxville.

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