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M-Series Welded Wire Panels

M-Series Welded Wire Fence Panels

Each temporary panel has been designed with a series of architectural "V" folds that reinforce and strengthen the welded wire fence system. The panels are fabricated in a pattern of vertical and horizontal wires that are welded at each intersection. The unique design of the M-Series panels provides strength and stability that is unmatched by a standard chain link panel.

  • 6 Gauge Steel Mesh with Reinforced "V" Folds
  • Galvanized Finish
  • 6'H and 8'H In-Stock
  • Each panel is 7.5'W
  • 2" x 6" mesh opening
  • Flat Panel Stands

M-Series Welded Wire Gates

M-Series Welded Wire Gates

Like the welded wire panels, each gate has been designed with a series of architectural "V" folds that reinforce and strengthen the welded wire fence system. The 6 gauge steel mesh has a galvanized finish. Gate options include:

  • 4'W Heavy Duty Red Walk Gate
  • 15'W Double Swing Gate with Wheels
  • 6'H and 8'H in stock

Chain Link Fence with Driven Posts

Chain Link Fence with Driven Posts

Temporary chain link fence with driven posts into the ground is used more frequently on construction sites where contractors want to minimize the risk of wind damage moving or knocking down their temporary fence

  • 11.5 Gauge Chain Link Mesh  
  • 2-3/8" diameter mesh opening
  • Galvanized Finish
  • 2" diameter galvanized steel line posts
  • 2.5" diameter galvanized steel terminal posts
  • 3" diameter galvanized steel gate posts
  • Aluminum Fence Ties secure the fabric to the steel posts

Custom Logo Screen

Fence Rental Accessories

Rio Grande Fence Co. of Nashville is the premier supplier of fence rental services in the Mid-South region. We are here to provide you with the most solutions and best service in the industry. We have a number of optional accessories that can enhance the security of your fence rental service.

  • 60 LB Sandbags with Yellow UV-Rated Covers
  • 85% (Sight Blockage) Fence Screen
  • 96% (Sight Blockage) Fence Screen
  • Fence Screen with Logos 
  • Fence Screen in alternate colors can be special ordered to serve your project's needs 
  • Walk Gates
  • Double Drive Gates for Vehicular Traffic
  • Panel Stands with Anchors Drilled 
  • Custom Gates with Locks, Self-Closing Hinges, Panic Exit Hardware, etc.

Turn to the 3-time AFA National Fence Contractor of the Year for all of your fence rental service needs.

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