Tri-Star Energy Headquarters Renovation – Nashville, TN

Meeting the Challenge of a Difficult Job

Pre-Planning After the contract was signed on this project, Scott Eggers (RGF Project Manager) met with our customer before the job began and invested 45 minutes on-site to discuss the different areas of construction to thoroughly go over the areas receiving new perimeter security. The access control subcontractor was included in a second 45-minute conversation on-site before materials were ordered to ensure everyone was on the same page. The custom fence materials used typically take up to four weeks to arrive, so pre-planning was essential to the success of this project.

Working with Subcontractors Scott Eggers (RGF Project Manager) collaborated with Aaron Brownyard (Access Control Systems) on the installation of a Door King® gate operator slide gate system. For the oil company, security and peace of mind are of the highest importance. The gate programming process was customized to instantly close after an authorized vehicle entered or departed the property. Coordinating all of the gate options with the customer allowed them to have the exact security protocols in place that they desired. Without joint meetings, there is a chance a part of the security protocols could have been left out. By meeting in advance and getting everyone on the project team on the same page, the project was ordered and installed with no hiccups.

Excellence in Project Management Scott Eggers (RGF Project Manager) conducted daily morning meetings with Glenn Barbee (RGF Crew Foreman and Job Superintendent on this project.) These daily in-office conversations along with phone conversations went a long way toward a successful project. The pre-planning on the project with all parties and the early ordering of materials from the manufacturer created an environment on the project site that went smooth like it needed to be.

Contractor’s State-of-the-Art Advances Glenn Barbee was able to share pictures throughout the project to Scott Eggers via our Box server. Box has a photo and video capture tool that allows our Project Management team to see the images in real-time. This technology piece is now used on all of our projects so constant feedback can be given if needed during the construction of the project. With Box, our field team has up to date Safety Date Sheets on the materials used and even videos from the material manufacturer that showcase installation techniques.

Contractor’s Sensitivity to Environment and Surroundings Steel fence materials contain considerable recycled content and are fully recyclable. The US Green Building Council (USGBC) has ruled that average industry values for recycled content may be used for steel products. According to the Steel Recycling institute, the average industry values for steel are 25% post-consumer.

Chain link fence is sometimes used as a trash collector in local spillways to keep large debris such as soda bottles and trash bags from passing while allowing the passing of water and smaller debris. It is made from a galvanized coated steel wire that is completely recyclable. This feature actually allows the fence material to be melted down and used again. Recyclability makes chain-link and fence an environmentally reasonable fence material to choose.

Excellence in Client Service to Prime Contractor Actions in life speak volumes more than words. While I can sit here today and tell you all of the great dedication we provided Marcus Hardison, Jr. and his team at Tri Star Energy, the best example of dedication to client service and customer care are in the letter of recommendation attached. We have a great working relationship with Tri Star, and look forward to working with them more in the future on projects at their headquarters and Twice Daily convenience store locations throughout our region. According to Tri Star Energy’s Construction Manager, Marcus Hardison, Jr., “Rio Grande’s contribution to the project and willingness to work safe, build quality work, and complete the project on time is a great example of how projects should be managed and built to exceed all client expectations.”

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