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Black Vinyl Chain Link Fence with Access Control Devices | Nashville, TN

Rio Grande Fence Co. was chosen to install black vinyl chain link fencing around the perimeter of Loomis Armored Security of Nashville. Being home to an armored truck service, this job has a few interesting features. The entire facility is surrounded by 8’ high black vinyl coated chain link, some sections with barbed wire. On the front of the facility there is a sallyport with access only given by using CCTV system monitoring. While this job would have presented various challenges for smaller and less established fence companies, Rio Grande Fence Co. has installed numerous jobs of this security level. We are thankful to be able to help secure another prominent business in the Middle Tennessee area. For help securing your business or help securing your facility with black vinyl coated fence, give the fence professionals at Rio Grande Fence Co. a call today at 615-244-4766.


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