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HySecurity gate operators meet the most stringent governmental, industrial, corporate and residential security and reliability requirements. They are installed at Baghdad International Airport, Fort Knox, The United Nations, numerous federal, state and municipal sites, nearly every oil company, water treatment plants nationwide, corrections facilities, transportation facilities, corporate campuses, power generation facilities, mini storages, gated communities and VIP residences. Call for more applications. HySecurity was started in the 1960s using the same hydraulic technology common in the aircraft industry. HySecurity’s headquarters and manufacturing plant is located near Seattle, Washington.

Testing & Reliability

All of our operator designs are tested for millions of cycles before release to the market. Slide, swing, traffic barrier and vertical lift operators all receive the same kind of rigorous testing. Security, reliability, low maintenance, flexible speed and overall toughness are our foremost criteria. There is no limit on daily duty cycles for any HySecurity machine.

Multi-Function Gate Operators

Although our operators are primarily used in industrial or correctional capacities, it is not uncommon to see them also in commercial and multi-family residential applications where greater quality and high duty cycles are required. Strength, reliability, and our industry leading five-year warranty make HySecurity operators the only choice for many designers. Any secure facility with high traffic volume, high security or low maintenance requirements can be well served by these tough operators.


Typical applications include government facilities, computer centers, correctional facilities, public utilities, hospitals and airports. Our traffic barrier operators are used wherever reliable control of longer barrier arms is essential.

HySecurity Gate Operator

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HySecurity Gate Operator Catalog

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