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Rio Grande Fence Co. is proud to offer Ameristar Fence Products to our customers for many reasons. Ameristar’s commitment to quality steel ornamental fencing and their passion to sell only American made products help make Ameristar the largest steel ornamental fence provider in the world. Based out of Tulsa, OK, Ameristar Fence has partnered with Rio Grande Fence Co. for decades to provide our customers with ornamental fence solutions that are right for their needs. From basic aesthetic upgrades around the front of an office complex to high security airports and government facilities, Ameristar Fence and Rio Grande Fence Co. have the right ornamental fencing solution for you.

About Ameristar Fence

In the past the fence industry defined commercial fencing as a chain link fence with 3 strands of barb wire. Today Ameristar has redefined the commercial fence industry with products that match the level of security demanded and also balance the distinctive look of wrought iron into a perimeter security fence system. Ameristar's decorative steel, ornamental aluminum and welded steel fences are several of the offerings available for commercial fence applications.

Ameristar®, based in Tulsa, Okla., is the largest ornamental fence manufacturer in the world. From residential grade up to the strictest industrial specifications, Ameristar has the solution to any steel fence need. From its beginnings over a quarter-century ago, Ameristar® concentrated on enhancing the aesthetic appearance of modern fence products, promoting ease of installation, while increasing strength & durability.  Pursuing this focus, Ameristar designed and built a new, environmentally friendly, high-production facility.  This resulted in the creation of the highest quality residential, commercial, industrial and high-end security fences in today's market place. Ameristar® is America's only architectural metal fencing manufacturer who controls all manufacturing processes and all quality criteria from receipt of raw material to completion of finished product, completely within its own facilities.  This direct manufacturing throughput system, coupled with the fast pace of Ameristar's Speed of Business™ model, ensures a very competitive price point, while Ameristar's superior structural design and premium coating systems guarantee a significantly lower, long-term cost.

Ameristar Industrial Fencing

Ameristar's industrial fencing has helped sculpt the architectural arena by offering products of superior strength and durability. These industrial ornamental fences have challenged the status quo by setting standards in the fence industry for more durable coatings that yield a longer product life. Ameristar's progressive profile designs have contributed to raising the bar for strength of product, and are still recognized as the strongest fence systems in the industry.

Ameristar’s Security Fence

After the tragic event of 9/11 Ameristar paused to reflect on how it could better protect the United States of America. Since that event Ameristar has developed multiple high security fence products that help secure and protect at risk facilities. Ameristar's anti-ram barriers, high security fences and anti-scale fence systems have been installed on thousands of perimeters across this great nation. Ameristar fence products are manufactured in the USA and meet all requirements for Buy American and the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (AARA).


Ameristar Montage Steel Ornamental Fencing (5/8” Picket)

Montage ornamental fences are the leader in light commercial steel fencing.  The styles available with the Montage give the elegant look of wrought iron fencing without the required maintenance.  Montage ornamental iron fences are popular among developers for its maintenance free coating and durable steel construction.  Many business owners prefer Montage ornamental fences over aluminum fencing, for the additional strength that a welded steel fence has compared to the lack of strength from typical aluminum fences. 

Montage ornamental fencing has an E-coat maintenance free finish that enables Ameristar to offer a 20 year warranty on the Montage product lines.  The welded ornamental panel of the Montage has the ability to follow the steepest of grades, its unique rail design allows this fence to traverse 48” over an 8’ span. If your property demands a more traditional appearance for ornamental iron the Montage Plus is another great alternative.  Review the following features of the Montage fence line to understand why so many have decided to install Montage fences.

Ameristar Montage II & Plus Steel Ornamental Fencing (3/4” Picket)

Across America, Montage Plus has become the preferred choice for residential and light commercial ornamental steel fence installations. It has replaced chain link fencing at a constantly growing rate and its popularity also exceeds wood fences and PVC privacy panels.   


Fusion welded steel fence panels provide the ultimate in strength and security demanded for potentially hazardous environments while exhibiting the distinctive look of a ‘wrought iron’ fence. Maintenance-free E-Coat provides superior corrosion protection in virtually any climate and it is backed by a 20 year warranty against corrosion. Specially formed architectural metal fence components are joined to form panels that are rackable up to 48", allowing this ornamental picket fence to follow any grade.  

Ameristar Impasse High Security Steel Ornamental Fencing (1” Picket)

The Impasse high security fence system is a heavy steel palisade fence system designed to provide the end user with a level of security not typically achieved with traditional chain link and ornamental mesh fence systems.  The Impasse security fence provides a platform to incorporate multiple perimeter security peripherals into the fence system.  The ability to incorporate IDS, fiber, conduit and CCTV cable into a single system provides the owner with a formidable design in lieu of a costly patchwork system.


High security fence has been redefined with the unique profiles of the Impasse security fence system.  Its steel cross sections make this security fence a strong deterrent to casual breach attempts.  The multiple styles and rail configurations of the Impasse high security fence give this palisade system the best delay time when compared to other perimeter security fence products.

Ameristar Impasse High Security Ornamental Fence

Ameristar Montage Brochure

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Ameristar Montage Brochure

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Ameristar Impasse Brochure

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Ameristar Impasse High Security Ornamental Fence

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